Fuel Flow Path

Fuel Tank

Morgan has an integral fiberglass fuel tank located mid-ships. This tank is glassed to the hull and has a 100 gallon capacity. The actual capacity is unknown as that there were a number of capacities listed in the various documents for the Gulfstar 50 Aux. Included in the tank is a Wema (now KUS) SSS/SSL fuel level sending unit.

Polishing Filter

After the fuel tank is a Gulf Coast Filters O-1JR polishing filter. This filter has 2 shutoff valves and a bypass valve. It uses a roll of toilet paper for the filter element.

Dual Racor Primary Filter

Next inline is a Racor Dual 500FG filter assembly. This setup will allow filter changes without stopping the engine. A selector lever can shut off the fuel flow, allow flow from the left or right filter or from both filters. Filter elements com in 30 Micron, 10 micron or 2 micron sizes. I use 10 micron on Morgan. The selection valve body was rebuilt. The original had plastic internal components that failed.

Facet Fuel Pump

After the Racor filters is a Fawcer DuraLift fuel pump. This pump has a clear sight bowl and an 80 micron stainless steel screen. The pump is driven by 12 volts and does not need to be on to operate the engine. It is used to facilitate bleeding of the fuel system and for polishing fuel flow. I do not know the exact model - they come in different pressure and flow rates.

Pressure Bypass / Check Valve

Next is a pressure bypass valve that return fuel to the tank and sets the fuel pressure.

Engine Fuel Pump

Mounted on the starboard side of the engine is a Perkins mechanical fuel pump.

Engine Fuel Filter, Injector Pump, Injectors, etc.

There is a Perkins fuel filter on the port side of the engine that feeds the injector pump and thus the injectors. From here excess fuel is returned to the fuel return line that goes to the tank. Perkins 26561117 - WIX WF8018 - WIX 33166 (10 micron)