Galley Systems

Fresh water filter holder - GX1S01R

Compatible filters: FXUTC, FXULC or FXUVC


The old icebox has been cut out and all of the old insulation removed. This insulation turned into granular sugar when touched. The new icebox is about 6.5 cu ft and is set up as a spillover system. The freezer is about 1/3 of the volume with a divider (2" XPS) that can be moved to create a larger freezer (nearly 50% of the total volume).

Four sides of the icebox are insulated with 6" of XPS giving an insulating value of R-30. The top and front are insulated with 3.5" of Aspen Aerogel insulation yielding an insulating value of about R-35.

The existing Adler Barbour CU-200 Super Cold Machine was retained. We are not using the water cooling loop of the CU-200.

It should be noted that the Cold Machine VD-153 Large Horizontal Evaporator was mounted vertically. All information indicates that the evaporators can be mounted in any orientation. This is our experience as well.