Wire Sizes

Forestay Roller Furling on 3/8"
Backstay 3/8"
Cutter Stay 5/16"
Running backstay Woven

Cap Shroud 3/8"
Intermediate 5/16"
Lower Forward 5/16"
Upper Forward 5/16"

Currently (Fall 2020) we are in the process of replacing the standing rigging. This project will be broken down into phases with some of the work done by a local Rigger (Butch Bogan bbmarinepdx@gmail.com).

The forward and aft lowers will be first with the work done by crew. They are about 22' long and are 1x19 5/16" wire. The wire is KOS and is terminated with Sta-Lok connectors.

Intermediate and upper shrouds will be next

Backstay with the inclusion of insulators for the SSB radio.

The forestay will be last and includes the replacement of the old Harken Mk2 with a new Schaefer 3100 furler. This work will start in the spring of 2021.