Steering Rebuild

Morgan's steering system is based on Yacht Specialties pedestal and wheel. YS (Yacht Specialties) went out of business around 1989 and spare parts are not available. However, many of the the parts of a YS steering system may be compatible with those from Edson.

The steering system has 9 sheaves in total. Two are the base of the pedestal and are 6" diameter with a 5/8" pin. Next at the engine room bulkhead are a second set of 6" diameter sheaves with 5/8' pins. From there the third set is on the bulkhead between the head and the aft cabin. They are 4" in diameter and have what appears to be a 1/2" pin. But, when measured it appeared that the pin was 0.453" in diameter. It was difficult to get the calipers in place so this measurement might be off. These sheaves show the greatest wear. This is likely for 2 reasons - first, the steering cable is 1/4" in diameter and most 4" sheaves are not designed for 1/4" cable (were these?). Second, and most profound is the fact that the sheaves are misaligned which allows the cable to rub on the lip of the sheave. The lip has been worn away and is more like a knife edge at this point in time. The next set of sheaves is part of the quadrant assembly. These sheaves are 6" diameter with a 5/8" pin. The last sheave is a single sheave at the far end of the quadrant assembly. It also is 6" diameter with a 5/8" pin.

The Steering Chain located within the pedestal appears to have 3/8" width rollers with a 1/2" pitch. The screws that hold the various layers of the pedestal together are frozen in place. I've got them soaking with PB Blaster and will likely need to go after them with an impact screwdriver.

The quadrant clamps onto a solid 2" diameter rudder post.

Steering Turning Sheaves (6")

Engine room Sheaves (6")

Engine room Sheaves closeup (6")

Head-Aft cabin bulkhead turning (4")

Head-Aft cabin with mirror (4")

Head-Aft cabin with mirror (4")

Quadrant Box STB (6")

Quadrant Box PORT (6" single)


Steering Chain on Pedestal